What’s wrong, Gary?


It happened in the afternoon

As Gary walked along the path

And when it was over

He ran home through the park.

 Gary didn’t stop until

He got home and shut the door

And he went into his living room

Then lay down on the floor.

As he lays there quietly

Someone calls his phone

But Gary doesn’t want to answer

He wants to be alone.

Gary tries to block out

The voices in his head,

He doesn’t want to think about

The nasty things they said.

Or they way they pointed at him

And they laughed out loud

As someone kicked and punched him

When Gary fell down on the ground.

Next morning when he wakes up

Gary can’t forget,

So when he meets up with his friends

He is very quiet.

Jack tries hard to make him laugh

Amy gives him a hug

But Gary tells them all

That he has had enough.

As Gary starts to walk back

Jack asks him “what is wrong?”

But Gary doesn’t answer,

He walks home alone.

Jack is really worried

But doesn’t know what he can do,

Many times he tries to phone him

And so does Amy too.

It is two days later

When Brenda hears the news,

She hears about it in the shop

But doesn’t know if this is true.

So Brenda asks her friends

If they’ve heard about the fight,

Did Gary tell them what happened?

And is he alright?

Jack said “I need to speak to him

I want to check he is okay,

To ask him what those boys did

And hear what he has to say.”

But Gary didn’t want to tell his friends,

He didn’t want to speak

And he didn’t want to think about

Those boys from down the street.

But Gary knew he had to tell

Because what happened was wrong,

So Gary spoke to his support worker

And told him what the boys had done

His support worker listened

And explained this was a crime

They reported it together

Later on that night

So why do you think Gary

Didn’t tell his friends?

And what do you think happened

When he saw his friends again?

And what would you do differently

If this happened to you,

Is there someone you could tell,

Or something else that you would do?


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