On the Buses



Amy locks her front door

and pulls her hat down tight,

as she walks along the street

towards the traffic lights


There, Amy waits until

it’s safe to cross over,

then she keeps on walking

down the street and round the corner


Amy is going in to town

so she waits here for the bus

and when Amy sees it arrive

she starts to feel nervous


Amy watches from the bus stop

when the driver opens up the door,

her heart is beating faster now

as she looks down at the floor


When Amy shows her bus pass

the driver grabs it from her hand

then says something to her

which she doesn’t understand


Next, she falls against a pushchair

as the bus begins to move

then Amy trips over a bag

that gets caught up in her shoe


As the bus moves faster

Amy looks for a place to sit

and when someone shouts her

she gets even more upset


When the bus arrives in town

and it comes to the last stop,

Amy struggles to the front because

she can’t wait to get off


This has been a stressful journey,

Amy needs to get away,

to find somewhere quiet

and she knows the perfect place


Amy walks towards the cafe

she knows the people there,

they make sure that she is safe

and show her to favourite chair


Her friend Gary is in the cafe

He comes over to say “hi,”

and when he sees Amy is upset

Gary asks her, why?


When Amy tells him about her journey

on the bus to town

he listens very carefully and

Amy starts to calm down


Then Gary says to Amy,

“I think we need a list

because bus journeys should be better

so let’s think of our top tips”


“Then when we’ve got a list

we can show this to our friends

to ask them for our ideas

and tell us what they think”


So just a few weeks later

they have made their list

and sent it to the bus company

who read all of their top tips


So, what do you think,

will be in their top tips?

and what should Amy and Gary

make plans to do next?


And do you have some ideas

of things that you would do,

to make all journeys better,

not just on buses, but taxis, trains and planes too?


Gary’s Annual Health Check





Gary heard about it

in a meeting that took place

at the local health group

when they started  to explain.


He listened very carefully

as they made it clear,

that he should have a health check

with his Doctor, every year.


They said it’s so important

and explained what to expect,

if he goes to see his Doctor

for his annual health check.


Gary sat and listened

and then he said out loud,

“I’ve never had a health check

like the one you talk about.”


So they gave him information

which was all in “Easy Read,”

he showed this to his friends

when he met them in the street.


Brenda said, “I’m very healthy,

so there’s no need for me to go,”

but Jack and Amy agreed

this was something they should do.


Now a few weeks later,

Gary is feeling nervous,

he’s sitting in the waiting room

and then he sees the nurse.


She takes him to the Doctor’s room,

tells Gary not to worry,

Says, they are there to help him

and there is no need to hurry.


So first of all the Doctor

asks Gary about his health,

if he does any exercise

and then he checks his weight.


Next, he examines Gary’s stomach,

checks his eyes, his ears, his feet,

the Doctor asks him lots more questions,

and listens to him breathe.


He checks his medication,

he takes some blood to do a test,

and before he says goodbye to Gary

he tells him what will happen next.


Later Gary meets his friends,

he tells them about his day,

what happened at the Doctors

and what he had to say.


Gary said that he was nervous

before he went in to the room

but the Doctor was really nice

and he has to go back soon.


So, just a few months later,

Gary’s been back there again,

he had to have a few more tests

and different medication.


Now Gary’s joined his local gym,

he goes there twice a week,

his support worker goes with him

and he’s feeling very fit.


Although Gary doesn’t know this,

he’s helped a lot of people

who have been for a health check

and found they were not well.


So, have you had an annual health check?

It really is important

that you speak to your Doctor

to ask for an appointment.


For more information about annual health checks, visit this website page; http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/Childrenwithalearningdisability/Pages/AnnualHealthChecks.aspx


©Karen Murray 2017













Amy is home alone


Amy is home alone

In the middle of the night,

She has just got into bed

And switched off the light


She is very tired,

It has been a busy day

And Amy always worries

When Brenda is away,


As Amy pulls the covers

Tight over her head,

She hears a loud beeping noise

Which makes Amy upset


She looks out of the window

But it is dark outside,

So Amy wanders round her room

Trying to decide


What is making this loud noise

That goes on and on?

Amy wants the noise to stop,

And find out where it’s coming from.


So Amy opens up her door,

It is then she sees the smoke

And as she walks down the stairs,

Amy begins to choke


She stops and looks around her

Smoke is everywhere

And then she sees the flames

At the bottom of the stairs


Amy starts to panic,

She is really scared,

Her house is on fire

And Brenda is not there


Then Amy remembers,

The safety training yesterday,

She knows she must phone 999

And do this right away


So Amy goes back to her room

And she shuts the door,

Then she picks up her phone

And lies down on the floor


Amy phones the number

A woman answers right away,

Amy says there is a fire

And this person asks her name


Amy tells her where she lives

That she’s on her own,

The woman says “my name is Jane,

Now please stay on the phone.”


“I am here to help you,

The firemen will be there soon,

They will put the fire out and

Get you out of your room.”


“But before they get here,

Put your duvet on the floor,

Make sure it is tight along

The bottom of your door”


Amy does as she is told,

Then lies back down again

Worrying about Brenda

And what she will say


Jane’s still talking on the phone,

But her voice goes quiet,

She sounds as if she’s far away

And then suddenly, it’s dark


Amy opens up her eyes

And looks around the room,

There is no phone, she’s in her bed

With her duvet too


When Amy opens up her door

There is no smoke or fire,

But she still walks around her house

Checking everywhere


When Brenda comes home that night,

Amy talks about her dream,

Brenda says, “we need to practice,

This could have been for real”


“We must check our smoke alarm

To make sure that it works,

Then make a plan of how to leave

Our house if it’s on fire.”


So have you checked your smoke alarm?

Made a plan of what you’d do,

If your home was on fire

How you’d get out of each room?


You can phone the fire service,

Ask them to help you check

To make sure your home is safe

And what you should do next.


©Karen Murray 2017









What’s wrong, Gary?


It happened in the afternoon

As Gary walked along the path

And when it was over

He ran home through the park.

 Gary didn’t stop until

He got home and shut the door

And he went into his living room

Then lay down on the floor.

As he lays there quietly

Someone calls his phone

But Gary doesn’t want to answer

He wants to be alone.

Gary tries to block out

The voices in his head,

He doesn’t want to think about

The nasty things they said.

Or they way they pointed at him

And they laughed out loud

As someone kicked and punched him

When Gary fell down on the ground.

Next morning when he wakes up

Gary can’t forget,

So when he meets up with his friends

He is very quiet.

Jack tries hard to make him laugh

Amy gives him a hug

But Gary tells them all

That he has had enough.

As Gary starts to walk back

Jack asks him “what is wrong?”

But Gary doesn’t answer,

He walks home alone.

Jack is really worried

But doesn’t know what he can do,

Many times he tries to phone him

And so does Amy too.

It is two days later

When Brenda hears the news,

She hears about it in the shop

But doesn’t know if this is true.

So Brenda asks her friends

If they’ve heard about the fight,

Did Gary tell them what happened?

And is he alright?

Jack said “I need to speak to him

I want to check he is okay,

To ask him what those boys did

And hear what he has to say.”

But Gary didn’t want to tell his friends,

He didn’t want to speak

And he didn’t want to think about

Those boys from down the street.

But Gary knew he had to tell

Because what happened was wrong,

So Gary spoke to his support worker

And told him what the boys had done

His support worker listened

And explained this was a crime

They reported it together

Later on that night

So why do you think Gary

Didn’t tell his friends?

And what do you think happened

When he saw his friends again?

And what would you do differently

If this happened to you,

Is there someone you could tell,

Or something else that you would do?


Brenda’s Safe Place


Brenda’s Safe Place

Brenda’s going shopping

In another town,

It’s where her favourite shop is

Which she wants to look around.

Brenda’s so excited

As she sits there on the train

Eating crisps and chocolate

And thinking about the day.

When the train gets near the station,

Brenda rushes to the door

But she doesn’t see the bag

Someone has left there on the floor.

Brenda trips and shouts out

When she falls against a chair

But Brenda quickly gets up and

Smiles at the woman sitting there.

The station’s very busy

When Brenda looks around

So she follows a group of people

As they walk towards the town.

Brenda’s feeling confident,

She has been here once before

But as she walks along the street

The shops look different here.

She can’t quite remember

Where the shop is that she likes

So Brenda keeps on walking

But something is not right.

There are only a few shops here

The streets are long and quiet

She is lost and she is worried

Brenda is upset.

She needs to get back to the town

To find her favourite shop

So Brenda keeps on walking

And then suddenly she stops.

Brenda sees a sign she knows

The sign is clear to see,

It’s the Safe Place sign she learnt about

From her friends Jack and Amy.

So Brenda goes inside the shop

And gets out her purse,

She walks up to the counter

Feeling very nervous.

The man listens to Brenda

As she looks at him and says,

“I am lost, I don’t know where I am,

Can you help me please?”

Brenda opens up her purse

To show her Safe Place card

And she explains about the shop

She was looking for.

He listens very carefully

Then says, “you’ve come too far,

You’ve walked a long way from

That shop you were looking for.”

Now Brenda’s worried but then she says,

“I’m far away from home,

Can you tell my support worker

That I’m here and I’m alone?”

So he tells her not to worry

And Brenda sits down with her bag

Then says he’ll phone the number

That is on the Safe Place card.

So he calls the number

Explains Brenda’s lost and on her own,

Can they be here very soon

To come and take her home?

Later on that evening,

Brenda tells her friends,

All about her day in town

That she will not forget.

So do you have a Safe Place scheme

In your nearest town?

You can find out more by looking

On the internet or ask around.

Then if you’re ever lost or upset

When you’re away from home,

Look out for the Safe Place sign

So you won’t be on your own.

When Gary met the Dentist


Gary is in a lot of pain,

because his teeth are hurting,

he was awake most of last night

and stayed in bed this morning.

So Gary didn’t go out

until later in the day

and when he meets up with his friends

they see he is in pain. 

Jack tells him he is worried,

Brenda asked him what was wrong.

Gary said his teeth are hurting

and they ask him “for how long?”

 Gary tells his friends that

it started yesterday,

they listen and then tell him

to see the dentist right away.

 Gary doesn’t want to go

he hasn’t been for years,

going to the dentist

is something that he fears.

 But Jack and Amy tell him

this is something he must do

and they say if you are worried

we’ll come along with you.

 So Gary makes the phone call

and when he says his name,

the receptionist is very kind,

she listens as he explains.

 He says his teeth are hurting,

this started late last night

and when he says that he feels scared

she said she understands.

 She tells Gary, “please don’t worry,

the nurse will stay with you,

she’ll explain all that will happen

and what the dentist will do.”

 Gary was told to come along

to the dentists right away,

his friends say they’ll come with him

and that they will stay.

 So they walk there quickly

and when they reach the door,

the nurse comes out to see them

and takes Gary on a tour.

 She shows him all around the rooms

and he sits on the chair

he tries the special glasses on

while he is sitting there.

 Then the nurse sits down with Gary

tells him what will happen next,

his friends wave goodbye to him

as he goes in with the dentist.

 Gary sits down on the chair

and the dentist speaks to him,

he looks in to Gary’s mouth

to find out what is wrong.

 It is later on that evening,

when his supporter worker comes round,

Gary tells him where he’s been

and he feels really proud!

 He said he’d had two fillings

but must go back once again,

Gary isn’t nervous now,

as he knows just what will happen.

 So when did you last visit

the dentist, or like Gary

has it been too many years

because you are so worried?

 But if you explain just how you feel

they will help you through,

the nurses and the dentist

will make it right for you!



©Karen Murray www.magnoliastreet.co.uk