Amy is home alone


Amy is home alone

In the middle of the night,

She has just got into bed

And switched off the light


She is very tired,

It has been a busy day

And Amy always worries

When Brenda is away,


As Amy pulls the covers

Tight over her head,

She hears a loud beeping noise

Which makes Amy upset


She looks out of the window

But it is dark outside,

So Amy wanders round her room

Trying to decide


What is making this loud noise

That goes on and on?

Amy wants the noise to stop,

And find out where it’s coming from.


So Amy opens up her door,

It is then she sees the smoke

And as she walks down the stairs,

Amy begins to choke


She stops and looks around her

Smoke is everywhere

And then she sees the flames

At the bottom of the stairs


Amy starts to panic,

She is really scared,

Her house is on fire

And Brenda is not there


Then Amy remembers,

The safety training yesterday,

She knows she must phone 999

And do this right away


So Amy goes back to her room

And she shuts the door,

Then she picks up her phone

And lies down on the floor


Amy phones the number

A woman answers right away,

Amy says there is a fire

And this person asks her name


Amy tells her where she lives

That she’s on her own,

The woman says “my name is Jane,

Now please stay on the phone.”


“I am here to help you,

The firemen will be there soon,

They will put the fire out and

Get you out of your room.”


“But before they get here,

Put your duvet on the floor,

Make sure it is tight along

The bottom of your door”


Amy does as she is told,

Then lies back down again

Worrying about Brenda

And what she will say


Jane’s still talking on the phone,

But her voice goes quiet,

She sounds as if she’s far away

And then suddenly, it’s dark


Amy opens up her eyes

And looks around the room,

There is no phone, she’s in her bed

With her duvet too


When Amy opens up her door

There is no smoke or fire,

But she still walks around her house

Checking everywhere


When Brenda comes home that night,

Amy talks about her dream,

Brenda says, “we need to practice,

This could have been for real”


“We must check our smoke alarm

To make sure that it works,

Then make a plan of how to leave

Our house if it’s on fire.”


So have you checked your smoke alarm?

Made a plan of what you’d do,

If your home was on fire

How you’d get out of each room?


You can phone the fire service,

Ask them to help you check

To make sure your home is safe

And what you should do next.


©Karen Murray 2017








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