Brenda’s Safe Place


Brenda’s Safe Place

Brenda’s going shopping

In another town,

It’s where her favourite shop is

Which she wants to look around.

Brenda’s so excited

As she sits there on the train

Eating crisps and chocolate

And thinking about the day.

When the train gets near the station,

Brenda rushes to the door

But she doesn’t see the bag

Someone has left there on the floor.

Brenda trips and shouts out

When she falls against a chair

But Brenda quickly gets up and

Smiles at the woman sitting there.

The station’s very busy

When Brenda looks around

So she follows a group of people

As they walk towards the town.

Brenda’s feeling confident,

She has been here once before

But as she walks along the street

The shops look different here.

She can’t quite remember

Where the shop is that she likes

So Brenda keeps on walking

But something is not right.

There are only a few shops here

The streets are long and quiet

She is lost and she is worried

Brenda is upset.

She needs to get back to the town

To find her favourite shop

So Brenda keeps on walking

And then suddenly she stops.

Brenda sees a sign she knows

The sign is clear to see,

It’s the Safe Place sign she learnt about

From her friends Jack and Amy.

So Brenda goes inside the shop

And gets out her purse,

She walks up to the counter

Feeling very nervous.

The man listens to Brenda

As she looks at him and says,

“I am lost, I don’t know where I am,

Can you help me please?”

Brenda opens up her purse

To show her Safe Place card

And she explains about the shop

She was looking for.

He listens very carefully

Then says, “you’ve come too far,

You’ve walked a long way from

That shop you were looking for.”

Now Brenda’s worried but then she says,

“I’m far away from home,

Can you tell my support worker

That I’m here and I’m alone?”

So he tells her not to worry

And Brenda sits down with her bag

Then says he’ll phone the number

That is on the Safe Place card.

So he calls the number

Explains Brenda’s lost and on her own,

Can they be here very soon

To come and take her home?

Later on that evening,

Brenda tells her friends,

All about her day in town

That she will not forget.

So do you have a Safe Place scheme

In your nearest town?

You can find out more by looking

On the internet or ask around.

Then if you’re ever lost or upset

When you’re away from home,

Look out for the Safe Place sign

So you won’t be on your own.

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