Brenda’s in love



Brenda’s got a boyfriend

And his name is Carl,

They met at the club night

As they waited at the bar.


They chatted as they waited

Asked each other where they lived,

They talked about their friends

And about all the things they did.


They moved on to the dance floor

And danced together all that night,

Brenda was so happy

And everything felt right.


Now they’ve been going out all summer

To the cinema and the pub,

For lunches at the café

And days out on the bus.


Each night when Brenda goes to sleep

Carl is in her dreams

And they are getting married

These dreams always seem so real.


Brenda tells her housemate, Amy,

One day she’ll be engaged

Because Carl really loves her,

And Brenda feels the same.


One day Amy went to town,

She went there on a bus

And who do you think she saw there?

It was Carl with someone else.


So, when Amy went home that day

She told Brenda who she’d seen

But Brenda wouldn’t believe her

She said that Amy was being mean.


Brenda tried to phone Carl

Many times that day,

But Carl wasn’t answering

All she heard was his voicemail.


So that evening at the club night

Brenda waited by the bar

And Amy sat beside her

Looking out for Carl.


Suddenly they saw him

But Carl was not alone,

He was with another girl

Something was very wrong.


Carl was holding this girls’ hands

And looking into her eyes,

They didn’t see Brenda standing there

So Carl got a big surprise.


When Brenda started shouting

Everyone turned to stare,

They were all pointing at her

But Brenda didn’t care.


Carl shouted back at Brenda,

“I don’t love you anymore,

I’ve got a new girlfriend now

And I want to be with her”


Brenda started crying,

Carl told her to go away!

But Brenda said “I love you,

Please, just let me stay!”


Then Amy was by her side

She said “leave them alone,

I don’t like to see you crying

We need to go back home”


Brenda didn’t want to go,

She wanted Carl to herself

But Carl didn’t want her

And she didn’t want anyone else.


So now it’s three months later,

Brenda’s been angry and she’s cried,

She thought Carl was forever

And now it’s like he’s died.


Amy has tried to help

And so, have others too,

But Brenda can’t stop thinking of Carl

He’s in her head the whole day through!


So how could you help Brenda

Is there something she should do?

And has something like this happened

To someone you know or to you?


Do you have some good advice?

Can you help Brenda to move on,

So that she can learn to love again

And find that special one?

















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