The Virus


four characters

Amy doesn’t understand
Why she can’t see her friends,
Or make visits to her family
Which she does most weekends

Brenda says, “it’s because there is a virus
Which can make us very ill,
So, we need to stay at home
To keep us safe and well,

The Green Gates Centre’s closed now
And so are most shops too,
We can’t go to the pub or café
And do the things we like to do”

Amy starts to walk away,
She doesn’t want to hear
Any more about the virus
What it does and why it’s here.

So Amy walks up to her bedroom
And she shuts the door,
Then she sits there quietly
On her bedroom floor

Now, downstairs in the kitchen
Brenda makes a mug of tea
Then sits in her favourite chair
And turns on the TV

Suddenly the phone rings,
And when she answers, it is Gary,
He wants to have a chat with them
Because he knows they’re lonely

Gary says, “how are you feeling
And how is my friend Amy”?
I miss you both and want to check
That you’re both okay today

Brenda tells him about Amy,
And how they feel alone
Missing friends and family
Now they have to stay at home

Gary listens carefully,
Suggests they video call
So they can see friends and family
And the team at Green Gates too

They can do this on their smart phone
Or on a tablet or iPad
It’s a way to see each other
And join up with their friend Jack

Brenda listens as he explains
How to download the app
That will start the video call,
What to do and how to chat

Then they start to make a plan
A list of things that they can do
When they are both home alone
Like everyone else is too;

Write a story, bake a cake
Do a quiz and have a laugh,
Draw pictures, sing a song
Play music, have a dance

Learn to do a video call
To talk to family
Have a chat with all their friends
So they don’t feel lonely

It is later on that day
When Amy comes downstairs
That Brenda talks about Gary
And the list they’ve shared

Amy sits down on her chair
And looks at the list
Then Amy adds some other things
That she thinks they’ve both missed

So what do you think Amy
Will really like to do,
And is there anything else
You think that she would choose?

And do you have some top tips
Of things to do at home
For those who don’t have internet
Or even a smart phone?

We don’t know how long it will be
Before things will change
To do things we want to do
And see the ones we love again

So, while we are all at home
Let’s find ways to keep in touch
With our friends and family
Who we miss so very much

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