On the Buses



Amy locks her front door

and pulls her hat down tight,

as she walks along the street

towards the traffic lights


There, Amy waits until

it’s safe to cross over,

then she keeps on walking

down the street and round the corner


Amy is going in to town

so she waits here for the bus

and when Amy sees it arrive

she starts to feel nervous


Amy watches from the bus stop

when the driver opens up the door,

her heart is beating faster now

as she looks down at the floor


When Amy shows her bus pass

the driver grabs it from her hand

then says something to her

which she doesn’t understand


Next, she falls against a pushchair

as the bus begins to move

then Amy trips over a bag

that gets caught up in her shoe


As the bus moves faster

Amy looks for a place to sit

and when someone shouts her

she gets even more upset


When the bus arrives in town

and it comes to the last stop,

Amy struggles to the front because

she can’t wait to get off


This has been a stressful journey,

Amy needs to get away,

to find somewhere quiet

and she knows the perfect place


Amy walks towards the cafe

she knows the people there,

they make sure that she is safe

and show her to favourite chair


Her friend Gary is in the cafe

He comes over to say “hi,”

and when he sees Amy is upset

Gary asks her, why?


When Amy tells him about her journey

on the bus to town

he listens very carefully and

Amy starts to calm down


Then Gary says to Amy,

“I think we need a list

because bus journeys should be better

so let’s think of our top tips”


“Then when we’ve got a list

we can show this to our friends

to ask them for our ideas

and tell us what they think”


So just a few weeks later

they have made their list

and sent it to the bus company

who read all of their top tips


So, what do you think,

will be in their top tips?

and what should Amy and Gary

make plans to do next?


And do you have some ideas

of things that you would do,

to make all journeys better,

not just on buses, but taxis, trains and planes too?


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