What is wrong with Amy?


The Doctor said to Amy

How are you today?

As Amy sat down on the chair

The Doctor looked away,

He stared at his computer,

Then turned to look at her

When Amy took her coat off

And put it on the floor

He spoke again to Amy

And asked why she was here

Then he said some other things

That weren’t very clear

So Amy said, when it was raining

On Saturday, I think,

I slipped and fell against a wall

When I was walking down the street

The doctor smiled at Amy

As she started to explain

That she hurt all over

She was in a lot of pain

Then he asked her some more questions

And used lots of big words

He spoke so quickly that she

Couldn’t hear them all

The doctor got up from his chair

He said, much more slowly

I need to see where the pain is

So, please can you show me?

Amy pointed to her shoulder

But she cried out in pain

Each time he tried to touch it

So he sat down again

The doctor gave her a prescription

He said this is for you

Then he said some other things

But Amy was confused

As Amy walked out of the door

She turned back and smiled

But the doctor wasn’t looking

He was searching through his files

When Amy got back home that day

She told her best friend Brenda

About what had happened

When she went to see the doctor

Brenda asked her what he said

When he looked at Amy’s shoulder

And what was wrong with her arm

She hurt, when she fell over

Amy said she didn’t know

But he gave her a prescription

She was going to the chemists now

To get her medication


It was a few days later

After she visited the doctor,

Amy went there once again

With Jackie, her support worker

When they went back together

He listened when they explained

That Amy also hurt her arm

When she fell over in the rain

And Jackie told the doctor

Explained Amy hadn’t understood

Some of the words he said to her

Then asked him if he would

Check Amy’s arm and shoulder

And look at her back too

She was in a lot of pain

There must be more that he can do

So after he examined her

And she went for an X-ray

Amy was told her arm was broken

This was why she was in pain

Amy has told her friends now

That she has a plan,

Next time she’s at the doctors

And she doesn’t understand

She will say, please doctor

When you speak to me,

You need to speak much slower

Say everything clearly

So what do you think doctors

Nurses and others should do,

To make sure you understand them

And they understand you too?