Good Friends


Amy first met Brenda when they were at school,

they sat near each other in class and lunchtimes too.

Brenda was often bossy but Amy didn’t care

because Brenda helped her, she was always there.

Amy was the quiet one, she didn’t like the noise

of car alarms and sirens, people whistling, children’s toys,

mobiles ringing, people shouting, fire alarms and bells,

party poppers, ice cream vans, washing machines as well.

So Brenda made sure Amy was safe when she felt scared

and she knew just what to do, she was ready and prepared.

Brenda knew the noises Amy didn’t like at all

and knew Amy felt better, when she put her hand against a wall.

Now they are much older, lots of things have changed,

they share a house together and are still good friends.

Although Brenda often argues and she can be quite loud,

Amy is just happy that Brenda is still around.

Amy always listens to the things that Brenda says,

she knows when Brenda’s angry and she knows when she is sad.

She knows when Brenda is unhappy or if she needs a hug

And Brenda knows when Amy needs a wall to touch.

Good friends are so important, they’re friends because they care,

They choose to be with you, to listen, help and share.

So, have you got a good friend, someone you like a lot?

What could you do to let them know that you like them very much?