Gary’s Annual Health Check





Gary heard about it

in a meeting that took place

at the local health group

when they started  to explain.


He listened very carefully

as they made it clear,

that he should have a health check

with his Doctor, every year.


They said it’s so important

and explained what to expect,

if he goes to see his Doctor

for his annual health check.


Gary sat and listened

and then he said out loud,

“I’ve never had a health check

like the one you talk about.”


So they gave him information

which was all in “Easy Read,”

he showed this to his friends

when he met them in the street.


Brenda said, “I’m very healthy,

so there’s no need for me to go,”

but Jack and Amy agreed

this was something they should do.


Now a few weeks later,

Gary is feeling nervous,

he’s sitting in the waiting room

and then he sees the nurse.


She takes him to the Doctor’s room,

tells Gary not to worry,

Says, they are there to help him

and there is no need to hurry.


So first of all the Doctor

asks Gary about his health,

if he does any exercise

and then he checks his weight.


Next, he examines Gary’s stomach,

checks his eyes, his ears, his feet,

the Doctor asks him lots more questions,

and listens to him breathe.


He checks his medication,

he takes some blood to do a test,

and before he says goodbye to Gary

he tells him what will happen next.


Later Gary meets his friends,

he tells them about his day,

what happened at the Doctors

and what he had to say.


Gary said that he was nervous

before he went in to the room

but the Doctor was really nice

and he has to go back soon.


So, just a few months later,

Gary’s been back there again,

he had to have a few more tests

and different medication.


Now Gary’s joined his local gym,

he goes there twice a week,

his support worker goes with him

and he’s feeling very fit.


Although Gary doesn’t know this,

he’s helped a lot of people

who have been for a health check

and found they were not well.


So, have you had an annual health check?

It really is important

that you speak to your Doctor

to ask for an appointment.


For more information about annual health checks, visit this website page;


©Karen Murray 2017












Brenda’s health advice

Brenda didn’t feel well

when she woke up last night,

she was feeling hot and dizzy

and she didn’t feel quite right.


Each time she tried to stand up

to get out of her bed,

she felt sick and wobbly

so she lay back down instead.


Then Brenda started shouting

and banging on the wall,

to call out to Amy

in the room next door.


When Amy heard her shouting

she rushed in to her room

and spoke to Brenda in her bed

to find out what was wrong.


Brenda said “I’m very ill,

I’m hot and I feel sick,

Amy, go and fetch the phone,

now go and do this, quick!”


Amy went to fetch the phone

then said “It’s dark outside,

who can i phone to help you,

in the middle of the night?”


Brenda said, “remember,

if you need health advice,

you can phone 111

it’s open day and night.”


So Amy dialled the number,

a man answered right away,

Brenda said “I’ll talk to him

and took the phone from Amy


The man said his name was Joe

and he was here to help,

then he said “now first of all

I need your date of birth.”


Joe asked Brenda for her name

and said please can you spell this?

When he asked her for her postcode

Brenda couldn’t remember it.


So Amy wrote the postcode down

and showed this to Brenda,

then Joe asked for her address

and for her phone number.


When he asked why she was calling,

Brenda said “I don’t feel right,

I’ve been feeling hot and dizzy

Since I woke up in the night.”


Joe asked her some more questions

but Brenda didn’t understand,

she told him not to use long words

and asked him to slow down.


He said, “Brenda, I am sorry

and he asked her once again,

then he listened carefully

as she started to explain.


Each time Joe asked a question,

he made sure she understood,

Amy stayed beside her because

Brenda asked her if she would.


Joe gave Brenda some advice

and Amy listened too,

when Brenda put the phone down

they both knew what to do.


Now Brenda feels much better,

she was ill for a few days,

her doctor gave her medication

and now she’s well again.


So if you are feeling ill

and you don’t know what to do,

if you need some health advice

who would you speak to?


When would you see your doctor?

Or phone 999?

Or go to the chemists?

Or visit A and E?


And when would you ring 111

just like Amy did,

for advice about your health

so you know what to do next?



©Karen Murray


What is wrong with Amy?


The Doctor said to Amy

How are you today?

As Amy sat down on the chair

The Doctor looked away,

He stared at his computer,

Then turned to look at her

When Amy took her coat off

And put it on the floor

He spoke again to Amy

And asked why she was here

Then he said some other things

That weren’t very clear

So Amy said, when it was raining

On Saturday, I think,

I slipped and fell against a wall

When I was walking down the street

The doctor smiled at Amy

As she started to explain

That she hurt all over

She was in a lot of pain

Then he asked her some more questions

And used lots of big words

He spoke so quickly that she

Couldn’t hear them all

The doctor got up from his chair

He said, much more slowly

I need to see where the pain is

So, please can you show me?

Amy pointed to her shoulder

But she cried out in pain

Each time he tried to touch it

So he sat down again

The doctor gave her a prescription

He said this is for you

Then he said some other things

But Amy was confused

As Amy walked out of the door

She turned back and smiled

But the doctor wasn’t looking

He was searching through his files

When Amy got back home that day

She told her best friend Brenda

About what had happened

When she went to see the doctor

Brenda asked her what he said

When he looked at Amy’s shoulder

And what was wrong with her arm

She hurt, when she fell over

Amy said she didn’t know

But he gave her a prescription

She was going to the chemists now

To get her medication


It was a few days later

After she visited the doctor,

Amy went there once again

With Jackie, her support worker

When they went back together

He listened when they explained

That Amy also hurt her arm

When she fell over in the rain

And Jackie told the doctor

Explained Amy hadn’t understood

Some of the words he said to her

Then asked him if he would

Check Amy’s arm and shoulder

And look at her back too

She was in a lot of pain

There must be more that he can do

So after he examined her

And she went for an X-ray

Amy was told her arm was broken

This was why she was in pain

Amy has told her friends now

That she has a plan,

Next time she’s at the doctors

And she doesn’t understand

She will say, please doctor

When you speak to me,

You need to speak much slower

Say everything clearly

So what do you think doctors

Nurses and others should do,

To make sure you understand them

And they understand you too?