When Gary met the Dentist


Gary is in a lot of pain,

because his teeth are hurting,

he was awake most of last night

and stayed in bed this morning.

So Gary didn’t go out

until later in the day

and when he meets up with his friends

they see he is in pain. 

Jack tells him he is worried,

Brenda asked him what was wrong.

Gary said his teeth are hurting

and they ask him “for how long?”

 Gary tells his friends that

it started yesterday,

they listen and then tell him

to see the dentist right away.

 Gary doesn’t want to go

he hasn’t been for years,

going to the dentist

is something that he fears.

 But Jack and Amy tell him

this is something he must do

and they say if you are worried

we’ll come along with you.

 So Gary makes the phone call

and when he says his name,

the receptionist is very kind,

she listens as he explains.

 He says his teeth are hurting,

this started late last night

and when he says that he feels scared

she said she understands.

 She tells Gary, “please don’t worry,

the nurse will stay with you,

she’ll explain all that will happen

and what the dentist will do.”

 Gary was told to come along

to the dentists right away,

his friends say they’ll come with him

and that they will stay.

 So they walk there quickly

and when they reach the door,

the nurse comes out to see them

and takes Gary on a tour.

 She shows him all around the rooms

and he sits on the chair

he tries the special glasses on

while he is sitting there.

 Then the nurse sits down with Gary

tells him what will happen next,

his friends wave goodbye to him

as he goes in with the dentist.

 Gary sits down on the chair

and the dentist speaks to him,

he looks in to Gary’s mouth

to find out what is wrong.

 It is later on that evening,

when his supporter worker comes round,

Gary tells him where he’s been

and he feels really proud!

 He said he’d had two fillings

but must go back once again,

Gary isn’t nervous now,

as he knows just what will happen.

 So when did you last visit

the dentist, or like Gary

has it been too many years

because you are so worried?

 But if you explain just how you feel

they will help you through,

the nurses and the dentist

will make it right for you!



©Karen Murray www.magnoliastreet.co.uk