Gary’s Annual Health Check





Gary heard about it

in a meeting that took place

at the local health group

when they started  to explain.


He listened very carefully

as they made it clear,

that he should have a health check

with his Doctor, every year.


They said it’s so important

and explained what to expect,

if he goes to see his Doctor

for his annual health check.


Gary sat and listened

and then he said out loud,

“I’ve never had a health check

like the one you talk about.”


So they gave him information

which was all in “Easy Read,”

he showed this to his friends

when he met them in the street.


Brenda said, “I’m very healthy,

so there’s no need for me to go,”

but Jack and Amy agreed

this was something they should do.


Now a few weeks later,

Gary is feeling nervous,

he’s sitting in the waiting room

and then he sees the nurse.


She takes him to the Doctor’s room,

tells Gary not to worry,

Says, they are there to help him

and there is no need to hurry.


So first of all the Doctor

asks Gary about his health,

if he does any exercise

and then he checks his weight.


Next, he examines Gary’s stomach,

checks his eyes, his ears, his feet,

the Doctor asks him lots more questions,

and listens to him breathe.


He checks his medication,

he takes some blood to do a test,

and before he says goodbye to Gary

he tells him what will happen next.


Later Gary meets his friends,

he tells them about his day,

what happened at the Doctors

and what he had to say.


Gary said that he was nervous

before he went in to the room

but the Doctor was really nice

and he has to go back soon.


So, just a few months later,

Gary’s been back there again,

he had to have a few more tests

and different medication.


Now Gary’s joined his local gym,

he goes there twice a week,

his support worker goes with him

and he’s feeling very fit.


Although Gary doesn’t know this,

he’s helped a lot of people

who have been for a health check

and found they were not well.


So, have you had an annual health check?

It really is important

that you speak to your Doctor

to ask for an appointment.


For more information about annual health checks, visit this website page;


©Karen Murray 2017












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