Bring him home!

Brenda knows him very well

And so does Amy too,

Gary was good friends with him

When they were at school.

They haven’t seen him for a while

Someone said he’d moved away

Then Gary met Pete’s mum

In the town one day.

As she spoke to Gary

She stood there and cried

And explained that Pete

Was now living far away.

Gary listened carefully

But said he didn’t understand,

Why Pete had to move

So far away from home.

Then through her tears she tells him

Pete pushed her down the stairs,

She ended up in hospital

And everyone was scared.

So then there was a meeting

To decide where Pete would go

And it was agreed that Pete

Would move out of his home.

Pete didn’t like these changes

It made his behaviour worse

And then one day she heard

That Pete had hit a nurse.

Then Pete was moved further away,

Now it’s hard to keep in touch

That was two years ago

She misses him so much.

Gary starts to say goodbye

And just as they are leaving,

Pete’s mum turns back to say,

“Next week there is a meeting,

I’m hoping Pete can leave there

And move back to this town

I know that he wants

His friends and family around.”

Gary is upset

As he walks back home,

All that night he thinks about

What Pete is doing now.

Then the very next day

When he’s at the Green Gates centre

He talks about where Pete is

With his friends. Amy and Brenda.

Brenda says, “it’s so upsetting,

I hope Pete gets out of there,

Is this what it means,

When they talk about Transforming Care?”

 Gary looks across at Brenda

And says “I’m not sure,

But we’ve heard these words at meetings

Many times before.”

So they go to the computer

To find out what this means

And search for information

That is easy to read.

They sit and read together

All about Transforming care,

What it is and what should happen

In their local area.

So when they go to their next meeting

They have some questions ready

To ask why someone like Pete

Is still living far away.

Gary explains Pete’s a friend of theirs,

And he’s lived here for many years,

When Gary has finished talking

Many people are in tears.

But now 3 months later

Nothing much for Pete has changed,

He’s still living far away

Because nothing yet has been arranged.

There are lots of talks about funding

And finding the right care

To make sure that Pete is ready

To move away from there

And while Pete is waiting

To move back to his home town

There are many more people like Pete

If you ask around.

So do you know how many

People from your area

Are waiting just like Pete

To get the right support and care?

And how much do you know

About Transforming Care

To make sure people live the life they choose

In your local area?

©Karen Murray2017



For more information about Transforming Care visit;

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