Brenda’s health advice

Brenda didn’t feel well

when she woke up last night,

she was feeling hot and dizzy

and she didn’t feel quite right.


Each time she tried to stand up

to get out of her bed,

she felt sick and wobbly

so she lay back down instead.


Then Brenda started shouting

and banging on the wall,

to call out to Amy

in the room next door.


When Amy heard her shouting

she rushed in to her room

and spoke to Brenda in her bed

to find out what was wrong.


Brenda said “I’m very ill,

I’m hot and I feel sick,

Amy, go and fetch the phone,

now go and do this, quick!”


Amy went to fetch the phone

then said “It’s dark outside,

who can i phone to help you,

in the middle of the night?”


Brenda said, “remember,

if you need health advice,

you can phone 111

it’s open day and night.”


So Amy dialled the number,

a man answered right away,

Brenda said “I’ll talk to him

and took the phone from Amy


The man said his name was Joe

and he was here to help,

then he said “now first of all

I need your date of birth.”


Joe asked Brenda for her name

and said please can you spell this?

When he asked her for her postcode

Brenda couldn’t remember it.


So Amy wrote the postcode down

and showed this to Brenda,

then Joe asked for her address

and for her phone number.


When he asked why she was calling,

Brenda said “I don’t feel right,

I’ve been feeling hot and dizzy

Since I woke up in the night.”


Joe asked her some more questions

but Brenda didn’t understand,

she told him not to use long words

and asked him to slow down.


He said, “Brenda, I am sorry

and he asked her once again,

then he listened carefully

as she started to explain.


Each time Joe asked a question,

he made sure she understood,

Amy stayed beside her because

Brenda asked her if she would.


Joe gave Brenda some advice

and Amy listened too,

when Brenda put the phone down

they both knew what to do.


Now Brenda feels much better,

she was ill for a few days,

her doctor gave her medication

and now she’s well again.


So if you are feeling ill

and you don’t know what to do,

if you need some health advice

who would you speak to?


When would you see your doctor?

Or phone 999?

Or go to the chemists?

Or visit A and E?


And when would you ring 111

just like Amy did,

for advice about your health

so you know what to do next?



©Karen Murray


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