The Secret


 Brenda has a secret

she’s keeping to herself

when he asked her for a photo,

she promised not to tell.

Brenda got a phone for Christmas,

her parents showed her how

to send messages and texts

and photographs as well.

They warned her of the dangers

but as she sat there in her chair

Brenda didn’t listen

when they warned her to take care.

So Brenda took her phone and left

she said she didn’t need their help

to get an account on Facebook,

she would do this by herself.

At first this wasn’t easy,

Brenda struggled with the words

but finally she did it and

she felt really proud!

Brenda soon got messages

and later on that day

someone sent a friend request

she accepted straight away.

She didn’t know this person

but he said his name was Carl,

when Brenda saw his photo

she thought he looked really cool.

When Carl asked to be her friend

Brenda really did believe

that he was being friendly

and that’s why she agreed.

Then Carl told her that he liked her

but he wanted more

so she sent another photo

one better than before.

Carl was quick to answer

and he messaged Wow!

you are really awesome,

I like you much more now.

 He sent Brenda messages

every day that week,

each time he said he liked her

Brenda asked when they could meet.

Carl said, I live too far away

and I really want to see you

but there is something Brenda,

one thing you can do.

If you really like me,

take off all your clothes,

then send me your photo

but no one else must know.

This will be our secret,

we’ll keep it to ourselves,

we won’t tell our friends and family

so now take off your clothes.

Brenda didn’t want to do it,

she thought she had no choice

but she really liked him

he was not like other boys.

So Brenda took her top off

and undid her bra,

she quickly took a photo

then sent this off to Carl.

Now what do you think happened next?

Is Carl really her friend?

Do you think he likes her?

Or is this just pretend?

And what about that photo

Brenda sent to him,

Do you think he kept this secret?

Or did he show his friends?


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