The Meeting

Gary and jack_edited-1

Jack went to a meeting

Just the other day

He went there with Gary and

They planned what they would say.

 They agreed it was important

To speak to the people there

But when it was their turn to speak

Gary stayed in his chair.

 He felt scared and nervous

As he looked around the room,

Everyone looked at them

When he didn’t move.

 So Jack spoke to Gary,

He said “I’m nervous too,

But remember what we practised

And what we said we’d do.

 We’ll go up there together

And when we’re on the stage,

Put your hand against my shoulder

Each time you feel afraid.”

 Gary couldn’t look at Jack,

He wished he was at home

Until Jack whispered to him

“I’ll go up on my own.”

 Jack started to move slowly,

He didn’t want to rush

But suddenly he stopped, when

His wheelchair got stuck.

 Gary saw what happened

Across the crowded room

So he went to help Jack

He knew what he should do.

 Jack looked up at Gary

As he helped him with his chair.

They went on the stage together

By the ramp beside the stairs.

 Gary stood there with him

And when Jack began to speak

His hand was on Jack’s shoulder

Like they practised all last week.

 When Jack had finished speaking

Gary looked down at the floor,

He knew it was his turn to say

What he had come here for.

So Gary spoke up clearly

And he said the words out loud,

When everybody clapped and cheered

He felt really proud.

 Now when he is asked to speak,

Gary thinks about that day

He knows that he is able

To stand up and have his say.









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