The Letter

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Brenda picks the letter up

as she walks past the door,

she very quickly reads it

then throws it on the floor.


Amy is in her bedroom

so she is not aware,

she doesn’t know about the letter

Brenda threw behind the chair.


It is later on that day

when Brenda is in town,

she walks into the café

and just as she sits down,


She sees Gary in the corner

sitting with a mug of tea,

Brenda doesn’t speak to him,

she sits there quietly.


Gary doesn’t see her

until he gets up from his chair

so when he looks around the room

he’s surprised to see her there.


He walks across to Brenda

asks if Amy got the letter,

Gary put it through the door today

now he’s waiting for an answer.


Brenda doesn’t want to speak to him,

she turns her head away,

Gary asks her once again,

then Brenda turns to him to say


Amy doesn’t like you much,

so don’t write again to Amy,

she doesn’t want to talk to you

your letter made her angry!


Gary stands there shaking

when he hears these  words,

he feels confused and panics

and he runs out of the door.


He finds a place to sit down

in the park on the way home,

Gary sits and worries

he wants to be alone.


He’s upset as he remembers

the words that Brenda said,

he wonders why Amy was angry

with the letter that he sent.


Gary thinks about the letter

he has the words saved in his head,

all last night he thought of her

when he was in his bed.


The letter said, dear Amy

I like you very much,

will you please come out with me?

I will buy you lunch.


If you will be my valentine,

I will be so happy

and at the very end he wrote,

with lots of love from Gary.


When Brenda got back home that day,

Amy was waiting there

she had found the letter

that Brenda threw behind the chair.


Amy says, I’m going out

tomorrow to have lunch

I have just phoned Gary,

he likes me very much!


Brenda doesn’t want to talk

she runs up to her room

to write a long letter to Gary

and one to Amy too.


So why do you think Brenda

said those things to Gary

and what was in the letter

She wrote to him and Amy?






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