Stranger at the door



At first Amy was afraid

She was terrified

When the man knocked on her door

And asked her to come outside.

Amy couldn’t answer him

She couldn’t say a word

So the man spoke even louder

He thought Amy hadn’t heard.

The man stepped back and

Then, he pointed to the roof

Told Amy it needed mending

And here was the proof.

He said now if you look up

At your roof you’ll see,

There are some roof tiles missing

I can mend these easily.

But you will be in trouble

If you don’t mend these now,

The next time that it rains

Your roof could fall right through!

Amy was really worried

She didn’t know what she should do

Her house mate Brenda was away

There was no one to speak to.

The man said, I can do this,

It won’t cost you much,

I will need one hundred pounds

And I’ll mend it before lunch.

Amy thought about the money

Brenda kept inside the jar

She had saved this money up

But Brenda wasn’t there.

So Amy went inside her house

Looked in the kitchen cupboard

She found the jar there on the shelf

And counted out the money.

The man smiled when he saw Amy

Who handed him the money

Said he would mend the roof now

There was no need to worry.

Amy went back inside her house

She looked out and saw the man

Go across the road and then

Drive off in his van.

She was sure he would be back

To do the work he promised

But he was never seen again

This made Amy very worried.

Amy was in a panic

When Brenda came back home

She didn’t want to tell her

That her money was all gone.

It was later on that night

When Brenda went in to the cupboard

Amy heard her screaming

And knew what she’d discovered.

Brenda turned to Amy

And asked her about the money

When Amy told her about the man

Brenda said this is not funny.

They phoned the police together

Amy told them what had happened

Amy described the man she saw

And that he drove off in his van.

Brenda was really angry

That Amy had lost her money

Even though they are good friends

She was upset with Amy.

So never give your money

To someone if you’re not sure

When you don’t know the person

Just make sure you close your door.





















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