Jack’s Internet Safety Tips


When Jack has trouble sleeping

He gets out of bed

And he sits at his computer

To play games instead,

One night as he was playing

And his parents were asleep

A message came up on the screen

Which Jack started to read,

 It said, this is a warning

Your computer is at risk,

You must phone this number now

To get your computer fixed.

  Now Jack was in a panic,

He wasn’t sure if he should phone

But he knew, it was his fault

The computer was now broken,

So Jack picked up his mobile

And he dialled the number,

The man was very helpful

This made Jack feel better

 The man said that he’d help Jack

He told him what to do,

He asked Jack for his password

His name and address too,

 Then the man said, just a minute

I will log onto your screen

But first I need your bank details

So please give these to me

 Well, Jack was feeling nervous

But the man said, you must hurry

So Jack gave him his bank details

Even though this made him worry.

  As Jack moved around his bedroom

He made a lot of noise,

Suddenly his door opened

And Jack got a surprise

 His dad stood in the doorway

And asked Jack what was wrong,

He looked at the computer

Then said, what’s going on?

 Jack told his father everything

He said what he had done

His dad sat down and told him

He thought this was a scam,

 His computer was not broken

The message he had seen

Was put there to make Jack

Phone the number on the screen,

 He said, some people out there

Just want you to believe

That they are there to help you

When all they want to do is steal 

 Now Jack’s bank account is empty

The money has all gone

They told the bank and the police

Everything the man had done.

 So now Jack is more careful

He always tells his friends

If you are asked for your details

Don’t trust everyone

 And if you use the internet

Always stop and think

About what could happen

If you click on to a link

 Or if you get a phone call

From someone you don’t know

If they ask for your bank details

Make sure you tell them NO!


©Karen Murray http://www.magnoliastreet.co.uk


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