When Gary was a young boy

To start off #hatecrimeawareness week, I am sharing two of my poems to highlight the need for a better understanding of hate crime and mate crime.  We all know there is a huge underreporting of all kinds of hate crime but especially disability hate crime.



When Gary was a young boy

The kids were very cruel

They bullied and they teased him

When he came home from school


Gary wanted to be friends

But when they heard him speak

They saw that he was different

They saw that he was weak


So they started to make fun of him

They called him nasty names

But Gary didn’t understand

He thought it just a game


One day they pushed and punched him

They kicked him down the lane

And then they started laughing

When Gary screamed in pain


His mum ran out in to the street

When she saw he wasn’t there

Then she found him in the lane

Mud sticking to his hair


It was later on that day, when

His dad went to complain

To talk to the police and say

What the boys did in the lane


The police spoke to his dad and said

“We’ll find these boys and warn them

What will happen to them next

If they hurt Gary again”


When his dad got home that night

They all sat down with Gary

And agreed what they should do

To make sure he was safe and happy

So, when Gary walked along the street

He didn’t stop to play

Sometimes the boys called out to him

But he turned and walked away


Sometimes the boys chased after him

And tried to push him over

But Gary knew what he should do

He ran home to his mother


Now Gary is much older

So many things have changed

Lots of people helped him

To take away the pain


And Gary is more confident

His speech is loud and clear

But he remembers what those bullies did

He remembers them with fear


So when he talks about them now

He tells everyone he can

If you are being bullied

You must have a plan

Think of people you can tell

Of bad things that have happened

Make sure you tell them everything

And check that they have listened


So don’t let people do or say

Things that will cause you pain

Tell someone who will make it stop

And make sure that you are safe


©Karen Murray 2015 http://www.magnoliastreet.co.uk



They said it was a mate crime

But I didn’t understand,

So they asked me about Andy

And I said he was my friend


I met him at the bus stop

When I was going into town,

We chatted while we waited

For the bus to come around


I said my name was Brenda

And he asked me where I lived

Then I told him all about me

Where i went and what I did


Andy asked me some more questions

So I showed him all my things

He liked looking at my bank cards

And some of my key-rings


I’ve met him quite a few times now

He often stops to speak

Sometimes he waits outside my house

Or says where we should meet


I told Amy that he was my friend

She asked me how I knew

I said I asked him if he liked me

And he said of course I do


Last week I gave him money

He asked me if I could

When he looked at me and smiled

I said of course I would


Andy said this was our secret

No one would need to know

He would give this money back to me

In a week or so


The next week he wanted more money

And I asked him why

He started to get angry

And he made me cry


Amy said that she was worried

When I got home that day

She asked me what had happened

And at first I wouldn’t say


Then I started crying

I told her about the money

She said we must tell someone

And told me not to worry


Now people are all saying

Andy was not my friend

What he did was very wrong

Being friends was just pretend


I’ve spoken to the police now

And now I understand

I know what mate crime is

Andy wasn’t a real friend


So now you’ve heard my story

I hope this doesn’t happen to you

But if someone acts like Andy did

Tell someone, you must, please do


©Karen Murray http://www.magnoliastreet.co.uk


Brenda says – If you think that you have been a victim of a crime, don’t be afraid to report it to the police. Here are some ways you can report a crime;

  • Phone 101 and speak to your local police
  • Phone Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111 or visit their website www.crimestoppers-uk.org
  • Phone Stop Hate UK on 0800 138 1625 or visit their website www.stophateuk.org
  • Visit your local police station
  • Tell someone you trust what has happened




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