Keep it to yourself Part 5

Pulling open her thick blue curtains, Brenda looks across the street and watches as people walk along the pavement or drive past in their cars.  She stands there for a while looking up and down the street but can see that Andy is not there yet.  When she hears the sound of Amy shutting her bedroom door, Brenda turns round and picks up her clock. Not long to go now, she had better start getting dressed.

Brenda needs to choose something nice to wear when she meets Andy again today. She is sure that he really likes her. Whenever she thinks about Andy, Brenda feels really happy.

It was just last week when Andy told Brenda that his sister was in a lot of trouble and asked Brenda to help him. When he said she needed £150 Brenda was shocked.  But Andy told her he would give Brenda the money back today, so there was no need to tell anyone. This would be their secret.

Even though Brenda knows this is a lot of money, she likes Andy a lot and he said he liked her too. When she gave Andy the money, he was so happy that Brenda knew she had done the right thing. Having a secret with Andy makes her feel very happy and she has told no one about the money because she doesn’t want anyone to find out.

Today is the day when she will meet Andy again and get her money back and Brenda can’t wait! As soon as she has put on her blue dress, Brenda runs to her bedroom window and is so excited when sees Andy across the road.

Andy is standing with his hands in his pockets but looks up when he hears Brenda banging on the window. He waves at her and then starts to cross the road and walks towards the door of number 81 Magnolia Street.

Picking up her heavy bag, Brenda runs out of her bedroom and nearly falls down the stairs. As she opens her front door, Andy is already waiting outside.

“Look at my dress Andy, do you like it?” Brenda asks him.

Andy looks at her and smiles.

“Yes, nice dress,“ Andy tells her as they walk along Magnolia Street together.

“Have you got my money?” Brenda asks him quickly, “I haven’t told anyone. Not even Amy.”

Andy stops walking.  “Good, I’m glad you haven’t told anyone because there’s something I want to ask you,” he says quietly.

“Oh. What do you want to ask me Andy, is it another secret?” Brenda asks.

“Why don’t we go and sit in the park and I’ll tell you,” Andy tells her.

As they walk off towards the park, Brenda is thinking about what he is going to ask her.  Perhaps he wants to ask her if she wants to go for a meal or go to the cinema with him.  This is very exciting.

When they get to the park, Andy points to a bench near the duck pond and they sit down on the cold green bench.  Brenda can’t wait to hear what he is going to say.

“What did you want to ask me?” Brenda asks him, as she puts her bag on the floor in front of her.

“Brenda, it’s good that you didn’t tell anyone about the money you gave me,” Andy tells her.

“I didn’t tell anyone, not even Amy,” Brenda says.

“Good, because I need more money,” Andy says quickly as he gets his phone out of his pocket.

Brenda stares at him.

“I can’t give you any more money Andy, I need my money back because I’ll get into big trouble,” Brenda explains.

Andy looks at her and smiles.  Brenda is quiet for a minute. She doesn’t want to upset Andy because he is her friend.  When he told her he liked her Brenda felt really happy.

“How much money do you need Andy?” Brenda asks him as she gets out her purse.

When Andy tells her that he needs another £200, Brenda almost drops her purse.  Andy reaches out to try to get her purse but Brenda holds onto it tightly.

Andy isn’t smiling anymore, he looks angry.

“I need the money,” Andy tells her.  Then he shouts, “If you don’t give me the money I’ll tell my friends.  I know where you live.  You don’t want anything to happen to Amy, do you?”

Brenda looks at Andy, she is confused and upset and she is feeling scared.

Andy grabs hold of her hand and screams, “Give me your purse, Brenda.”

Slowly, Brenda holds out her purse to him and Andy lets go of her hand.  Then he walks off and out of the park with Brenda’s purse in his hand.

Brenda shouts out and asks him when he will bring her purse back.  She wants to know when she will see him again. But Andy doesn’t answer.  He is already too far away from her.

Then in the distance she sees a woman.  He kisses her, and they both turn round, stop, look at Brenda and laugh.

Brenda sits alone on the bench and starts to cry.  She sits there for a long time, thinking about Andy, the woman and her purse.

As it starts to get dark, Brenda is still sitting alone in the park waiting for Andy to come back with her purse.

Brenda asks you these questions;

page49Where did I meet Andy today?

What was our secret?

Why did Andy get angry?

What do you think will happen next?







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