Keep it to yourself Part 3


mapAndy walks along Magnolia Street on a very windy Tuesday morning.  Last week, he waited outside the Harper Street Centre for Brenda but she wasn’t there. Today, he is walking up and down Magnolia Street trying to remember where Brenda lives.  As Andy walks past the row of shops on Magnolia Street, he stands and waits for a while before going inside.

On the other side of the street, Brenda is getting ready to go out.  Before she puts her coat on, Brenda stops, looks out of the window and then looks again.  She is sure that she can see Andy standing on the other side of the street. Shouting out his name, Brenda rushes towards the front door and nearly trips over her bag.

When she opens the door, all Brenda can see is the old man who lives across the road, putting his bin out. Walking outside, Brenda looks up Magnolia Street and she looks down Magnolia Street.  Andy is nowhere to be seen.  Feeling sad, Brenda walks back inside and slams the front door shut. For a few minutes, Brenda stands in front of the window and stares as cars and people go by.  Now she is not sure if it was Andy.

As she stands by the window, she doesn’t hear her friend Amy walk into the room and stand behind her.

“I thought you had gone out, Brenda,” Amy tells her, “I heard the front door shut.  Aren’t you going to the Harper Street Centre today?”

Surprised, Brenda turns round quickly and looks at Amy.  Then she picks up her heavy bag, puts on her coat and says in a loud voice “I’m going out now Amy.  Goodbye.”

Without looking back at Amy, Brenda rushes out of the living room and opens the front door.  Slamming the door shut behind her, Brenda turns round and then suddenly, she stops.

She can’t believe that Andy is standing outside her house. He has his hands in his pockets and he’s smiling at her.

“Andy, I knew it was you,” Brenda shouts as she runs towards him.  It’s been two weeks since she last saw him and Brenda didn’t think she would see him again.

“Hi Brenda, I thought I saw you when I was in the shop across the street,” Andy tells her.  “Where are you going today?”

??????Brenda tells Andy about the cooking course she goes to on a Tuesday.  Andy looks at Brenda and listens while she proudly tells him that she is going to bake scones today. Just as they start to walk down the street, Brenda looks up and sees Amy standing at the window watching them.

“Can you help me cross the road?” Brenda asks Andy as she grabs his arm.

“Of course I can, and I’ll walk with you to the Harper Street Centre,” he tells Brenda.  “I can make sure you get there safely,” he explains, as they walk along the street. Brenda is so pleased that Amy saw her with Andy and knows she will tell all their friends.

Brenda listens carefully when Andy tells her to stop and wait until it is safe for them both to cross the street.  As they walk along Magnolia Street and into Harper Street, Andy asks Brenda lots of questions.  He wants to know what days she goes out, where she goes and where she was last week.  Brenda is very happy to answer all his questions.

Just as they turn the corner they see a boy on his bike coming towards them on the pavement.  He is going so fast that Brenda hasn’t got time to move out of the way. Andy shouts out but the boy rides his bike in between them and pushes Brenda to the ground.

Andy starts to run after the boy but he knows he won’t be able to catch him. Brenda is still lying on the ground as Andy turns round and walks back to her.

“Brenda, are you alright? Come on, let me help you up,” Andy says quietly as he helps her to stand up.

As Brenda starts to stand up, she cries out that she can feel a pain in her leg.

“My leg, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts,” Brenda says loudly as she looks up at Andy.page46

Andy looks worried.  He walks her to a wall outside a house and tells her to sit down so that he can look at her leg.

When Brenda sees that her trousers are torn she starts to get very angry. She tells Andy that the boy should not have been riding his bike on the pavement.  It is that boy’s fault that she has a broken leg and that her trousers are torn.

Bending down, Andy looks at Brenda and then at her leg.  He can see some blood coming through a small hole in the knee of her trousers. Speaking quietly, Andy tells her that he doesn’t think her leg is broken but it will be sore.

“Brenda, have you got anything in your bag you can clean your leg with?” Andy asks her.  He explains that her trousers are only a little bit torn.

While Brenda looks in her bag, Andy stands and watches and she takes out first her purse, then some key-rings and then a big box of tissues.

Andy smiles at her and tells her to hold a tissue on her knee.  Even though her leg hurts, Brenda feels so happy that Andy is with her. What would she have done if she was on her own?

It isn’t long before Andy tells Brenda that her knee looks much better. He says that she should try to walk to the centre because it isn’t far away and he will help her. Brenda stands up and she holds on to Andy’s arm as they walk slowly along the street.

At the Harper Street Centre, Andy helps her to walk inside and tells her to sit down and wait. Andy walks over to the Reception Desk and Brenda hears him explain what happened.   After he has finished talking, a lady comes over and talks to Brenda.  When she tells Brenda that she will get someone from the cooking course to look after her, Andy says he has to go.

As Andy leaves the centre, Brenda looks at him as he opens the door and waves back at her.  Although she feels sad, she can’t wait to tell everyone about Andy and what happened today.  Now she is sure that Andy really, really likes her. The way he looked after shows that he is such a kind, nice and caring man.

Outside the centre, Andy walks back down Harper Street towards Magnolia Street.  Walking round the corner, Andy stops when he sees the boy sitting on his bike.  He smiles when the boy waves to him and crosses the street to speak to him.  Putting his hand in his pocket, Andy takes out his wallet and gives the boy some money.

When the boy rides off on his bike, Andy gets out his phone.  He is feeling very pleased with himself.  It has not been difficult at all to get Brenda to trust him. Now he knows where Brenda lives he will be back in Magnolia Street again soon.

page49Brenda asks you these questions:

Where was I going today and why?

What happened when I met Andy?

Do you think Andy is my friend?

What do you think Andy will do next?




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