Keep it to yourself – Part Two

When Brenda went into town two weeks ago, she met a really nice man called Andy waiting at the bus stop.  She chatted to him on the bus and she really liked him but she hasn’t seen Andy since that day.

Her friends have heard all about Andy, because Brenda hasn’t stopped talking about him.  Now she is worried that she won’t see Andy ever again. That is, until Tuesday afternoon………

??????As Brenda walks along Harper Street on her way back from the Harper Street Centre, she suddenly sees Andy walking on the other side of the road. He is busy talking on his phone so Brenda knows she will have to shout loudly to make him hear her.

“Andy, Andy, it’s me,” she shouts excitedly as she runs up the road waving her arms around. She can’t believe it really is him.

Andy stops when he hears his name being called and seems surprised to see Brenda. While cars go up and down the busy road, he stands on the other side of the road and watches her. Brenda is worried that he won’t remember who she is.  She’s been thinking about Andy for such a long time and now he is here.  What will she do if he doesn’t want to speak to her after she has told her friends all about him?

While she is thinking what to do, she sees him crossing the road and he starts walking towards her.

“Hi Brenda, good to see you again,” he says as he puts his phone into his pocket.  “What are you doing here?”

Brenda can’t stop smiling.  He has remembered her. And he knows her name and he looks happy to see her.

“I’ve just been to the Harper Street centre to do cooking,” Brenda tells him.  “I was just going home.”

“Brenda, I’m so glad I’ve seen you,” Andy tells her, as he reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out his wallet.

Brenda watches as he takes a bank card from his wallet and hands it to her.

“What’s this?” Brenda asks him, as she holds the card in her hand and looks at it carefully.

Andy tells Brenda that when they were on the bus together, she must have dropped her bank card.  He explained that when he got up from his seat, he must have picked it up by mistake.

“Oh. Thank You Andy,” Brenda says as she puts the card back in her purse.

“It’s an old bank card but I thought you might have been looking for it,” Andy says.  “I was worried at first because I thought it was a new bank card.  It was only when I checked it that I saw it was out of date.”

Brenda opens her purse and shows Andy all the many different cards she has inside.

“These are all my cards,” she tells Andy. “We keep the new bank card at home to pay the bills. I like to keep all the old cards in my purse.”

Andy stares at all the cards in her purse and then looks at Brenda. “When you showed this bank card to me on the bus you said you used this one to pay your bills,” Andy says.

“I’m not really supposed to keep all of these cards in my purse. My support worker, Jackie, tells me to cut them up and throw them away but I like to keep them,” Brenda explains. Andy stands and watches as Brenda puts her purse back in her bag, then he quickly looks at his watch and tells her he has to go now.

As he starts to walk away from her, Brenda calls out and asks him where he is going.  Andy doesn’t answer.  Instead, he takes his phone out of his pocket and starts to talk. Brenda watches as Andy walks down Harper Street and then, finally, he turns to wave goodbye to her.

Brenda looks down the road and waits until she can’t see him anymore. Then she gets her two favourite key-rings out of her bag and holds them in her hand.page51

Turning round, she starts the short walk home to Magnolia Street singing quietly to herself.  She is disappointed that Andy didn’t stay long but Brenda can’t wait to tell her best friend Amy, all about him.

Meanwhile, Andy is telling his friends all about Brenda and trying hard to remember where she lives. Still, he will make sure that he is walking down Harper Street at the same time next week.


Brenda asks you these questions:

Where did I meet Andy?

What did Andy give me?

Why do you think he did this?

What do you think Andy will tell his friends about me?

Do you think I will see Andy again?



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