Keep it to yourself

Brenda knew she shouldn’t give her credit card PIN number to anyone but he was such a nice man.  She liked his hair and the way he smiled at her.  When she was with him, Brenda forgot all about personal safety and the things she learnt on the keeping safe course. So who was this man and why did Brenda give him her credit card PIN number?

…it’s a cold and windy Monday morning as Brenda walks along Magnolia Street on her way to the bus stop. As she waits to cross the road, Brenda thinks about her best friend Amy.  Even though Brenda is off to town on her own today, she feels really happy.  The best thing about today is that she will get to spend time with Gary and Jack on her own.  When Amy is with her, all Gary wants to do is talk to Amy. He doesn’t want to hear what Brenda has to say.

When Amy found out that Brenda was going to meet Gary and Jack without her, Amy was upset.  Brenda reminded Amy that she couldn’t go because she had to go to her independent living course. Amy tried to tell Brenda that she didn’t want to go but Brenda wasn’t listening.

??????As Brenda crosses Magnolia Street, she can see there is already someone waiting at the bus stop. Brenda knows lots of people who use this bus and she likes to talk to them.  Walking quickly, she tries to work out who it is waiting at the bus stop.

When she gets nearer, Brenda is surprised that she doesn’t know this man.  He looks really nice and Brenda knows she would have remembered him if she’d seen him before.  As he sees Brenda walking towards him, this nice looking man takes his mobile phone out of his jacket pocket and then turns away from her.

Brenda stops at the bus stop, puts her bag down on the floor and watches him.  He starts to walk away from her and begins speaking on his phone but Brenda can’t hear what he’s saying.

Suddenly he turns round, stands still and looks at Brenda.  She smiles at him and is thinking about who he looks like, when this nice looking man starts to speak.

“Do you know how long the bus will be, I’ve been waiting ages?” he asks her.

“It will be here soon,” Brenda tells him, then quickly goes on to say, “my name’s Brenda.  Where do you live, I haven’t seen you before?”

He looks down at Brenda and then at his phone as he tries to work out what he should say.

“Andy, my name’s Andy” he says as he puts his phone into his jacket pocket.

Before he has a chance to say anything else, Brenda tells him that she lives at 81 Magnolia Street with her best friend Amy Cooper.  She is about to say why she is going to town today when Andy tells her that the bus is coming.

As they wait for people to get off the bus, Brenda looks through her bag for her bus pass.  She knows this bus won’t be very busy today and makes up her mind that she will sit next to Andy.  Brenda needs to find out more about this nice looking man.

Andy pays the driver and starts to walk down the bus past lots of empty seats. Brenda has already shown the driver her bus pass and is not far behind him.  Finding a seat, Andy sits by the window and is about to get his phone out of his pocket again when Brenda sits down next to him.

“Look at these,” Brenda says, as she starts to get some of her key-rings out of her bag.  Brenda has lots of key-rings and she loves to show them to people.  She puts them onto her lap and describes them to Andy as the bus starts the short journey into town.page51

When Brenda takes another two key-rings out of her bag, her purse falls on the floor. Andy reaches down and picks it up off the floor and is about to hand it to her when her credit card falls on his lap.

He looks at the card and then at Brenda while she is still telling Andy about her key-rings.

“Oh, thanks,” Brenda says to Andy, “this is our credit card and we use it to pay our bills.  I’m not really supposed to keep it in my purse.  Amy doesn’t know I’ve got it with me,” she explains.

Andy tells Brenda that she should keep it safe because someone might steal it.  He gives the card back to Brenda and she looks up at him and smiles.  Then she takes a piece of paper from her purse.

“Look,” she says “I’ve got the PIN number written down so I don’t forget it. People need to know this number before they can steal our money. I know because I’ve done a money skills course.” Brenda explains.

Brenda knows she shouldn’t tell anyone but Andy is such a nice man so it is alright to tell him this number. She’s glad Amy isn’t with her because Brenda knows that Amy would remind her that she shouldn’t tell anyone their PIN number.

Andy looks out of the window and starts to get his phone out of his jacket pocket.  Brenda is still talking about her key-rings and stops when she sees Andy has his phone in his hand.

“Who are you phoning?” Brenda asks him.  As Andy taps his phone, he says that he is not phoning anyone, he’s just checking for messages.

Putting his phone back into his jacket pocket, Andy tells Brenda that he is going for a job interview today and he doesn’t want to be late.  Brenda really wants to ask him more questions but Andy starts to stand up and tells her that this is his stop. Holding on to her bag, Brenda stands up and Andy moves quickly past her and off the bus. She calls out to him and he turns to wave at her.

Looking out of the window, Brenda watches Andy crossing the road as the bus drives off into town.   She can’t wait to tell Gary and Jack about him but Brenda decides she won’t tell Amy.

Walking quickly, Andy takes the card out of his pocket as he makes his way to the cashpoint.  This is going to be a really good day.


page46Brenda asks you these questions:

Who was I going to meet in town?

Why didn’t Amy come with me?

Why did I give Andy my PIN Card number?

Where was Andy going?

What do you think will happen next?




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